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Updated: Jul 10, 2022

IT'S HERE! The collaboration that I've been working on and the reason why I disappeared for a while on social media. This collaboration project was honestly one of the most fun and rewarding experience I've had so far with my designs. Curtis from Starside Armory is an amazing Sci-fi / Cyberpunk props maker. He's also done some work for Hollywood and it's been an honor to be part of his Shiny Knife collection. Check out his work HERE. So let's quickly just talk about the blade design, my part of the collab: My original idea was to take left the grey horn of my GEN3 DRGN and modifying some graphics to make it my XeneDragon signature look. However, after playing around with some modifications, I decided to scrap 90% of my original idea and came up with something that complements the blade's original base model.

The FINAL design and product: (Which can be bought at Starside Armory's Store, same link above)

With some stylized futuristic/cyberpunk graphics and subtle "DRGN" features that run along edge and back of the blade, I dub this the "DRGN_FNG" [Dragon Fang] Can you see the hidden DRGN within this blade?

[Also a secret while I was designing this, I left my tablet pen at home during a long out of state trip I designed the whole thing with my finger on Procreate, it was interesting and I cleaned it up after I made it home! Never again will I forget my tablet pen]


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