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GEN 3 DRGN DROP [1st Drop of 2022]

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

2022 marks the 3rd year of XeneDragon's development. Although extremely slow as I still work as a full-time teacher in a public school system, I do my best to work on these projects when I do have time. Anyway, I'm excited to introduce you to my new products on XENEDRAGON LABORATORIES.

Here is what I've released for this drop: - NEW TYPES: hoodies, long sleeves, and stickers! - and MORE T-shirts, muscle tanks.

featuring the art of 2 Variants of G3 DRGNs (NERATEK GREEN and MACHINED RED)

- I also added the Mecha Bubble Kitsune design as stickers as well!

Also more updates, I now have two stores: XENEDRAGON LABORATORIES - Is the art store featuring my concept art and designs DTG printed on apparel and other fun things. - All products in the ART STORE will be LIMITED RELEASE. Limited Release products are products that we only sell for a limited period of time. That means that once the release period is over, I take them off sale. I reserve the right to bring them back at a later date for a further release. I will usually announce the launch of Limited Release items in advance and the last day to purchase them will be noted on the product info page. I can’t guarantee that Limited Release products are available for the whole release period, as they are always subject to availability.

XENEDRAGON SIGNATURE VAULT - Is the limited edition store featuring my experimental projects and designs. All products are designed from the ground up undergoing a long-term design and manufacturing process.

- All products in the SIGNATURE VAULT will be LIMITED EDITION. Limited Edition products are products that I only produce and sell in limited quantities. That means that once they have sold out, I won’t be making any more. I will usually announce the launch of Limited Edition items in advance. Limited Edition products are usually numbered and signed by me.

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