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XeneDragon is an AAPI / LGBTQA+ owned brand based in NYC by a STEM educator from Queens, NY. All futuristic Graphics and Designs are created by Xene inspired by video games, Asian culture, and streetwear aesthetics. 

Technology, Science, and Art are forever changing and adapting to new information and needs. This brand harmonizes all three aspects within a creed to remind all of us that the driving force to adapt to new paradigm shifts is to keep up with current technology, information, and skills necessary to contribute to the community and survive as one. 

Learn | Adapt | Evolve  

 As part of the DRGN Clan, we always strive to work together, grow together, and move forward together in the face of uncertainty.

"Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice."

- Bob Proctor

All designs and merchandise are created and managed by Xene.


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