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Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Hello! 你好! 今日は! 안녕하세요! नमस्ते ! สวัสดี! ياخشىمۇسىز! Selamat! Kumusta! Xin Chào!ဟယ်လို!Сайн уу XENEDRAGON IS BACK After the long hiatus, here are some news and updates on what's been going on... NEW PROJECTS: [ ZODIAC VAULT ] After the success of the Year of the Ox LIMITED decals during early 2021, I've decided to design another zodiac animal with new merch. Check out the ZODIAC VAULT COLLECTION under PROJECTS. [ MECHA MONSTER SERIES + ART STORE ] Fans have asked about the Mecha Monster Series that I've designed inspired by the Monster Hunter Series by Capcom. I decided to open yet another store but MORE specifically an Art store, for my inspired designs on apparel and more. This store will function differently and merch will not be limited stock. A new MECHA MONSTER will be added to the store every month unless otherwise noted. My main store will remain active only for the Limited Edition XeneDragon until further notice. [XENE's BLOG] As you may have noticed, I started a blog on this website to keep you all updated on my projects and to share some of my ideas and musings related to the brand. ON-GOING: [ PROJECT: STOP ASIAN HATE ] I am still selling stickers to raise funds to project our AAPI community. The news may have stopped reporting hate crimes against AAPI people but attacks have not stopped. Please check out my Main Store to help me contribute and raise awareness. [ WEBSITE + STORE MAINTENANCE ] This website and the stores will be undergoing changes often as items and assets are being organized and made for better accessibility. I do apologize for the messy and confusing links to many websites as XeneDragon is still a one-person brand! Yes, that is right, its still just me designing, prototyping, updating, constructing all the fun stuff so I appreciate your patience. Here's my caard just incase: - - - WHY THE HIATUS? The short story: I've been very busy. The long version is that I've been struggling still working as a full-time teacher during the pandemic. As I truly have a passion for what I do as a teacher and an artist, I can only do so much with the finite time and energy I have everyday. I am truly blessed to have many friends, mentors, and fans (like you) to keep me motivated throughout this whole process. Thank you all for being patient and I appreciate you! - Xene

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