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Some Mid-Year Updates:

Hello again everyone, it's been quite some time. First, I wanted to just let you know how much I appreciate your support during these rough times [yet again]. I've been getting more orders from all over the world, especially in Australia :). Your support is what drives me to create more so thank you all so much! In other news, because of the many things happening in my personal life, I decided to extend the retirement date for 3 of my designs. I believe this is fair since I haven't made an official post about it and my planned designs were delayed. This is also so that any new fans have more time to get my first 2 original Mecha Monster designs before they are gone forever. I'll also be taking a long break from designing new merch until further notice. As my mentors say, "Sometimes you need to take a few steps to make a great leap forward." I'll be working on some of my personal digital paintings to refresh my creative mind to come back with more ideas. I'm also planning a DRGN clan gallery featuring people wearing XeneDragon gear! I would love to feature some of you as well. Please tag me on social media if you are interested and I'll reach out to you. That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll be updating more often. See you all soon! -Xene

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